Alliance Tournament XIV: Auction Results and Seeding

Hello Capsuleers

With the secret auction having closed, we can now announce the winning PLEX bids for the remaining 8 slots in Alliance Tournament XIV.

Alliance Bid
Vydra Relolded 207
Northern Coalition. 146
League of Unaligned Master Pilots 130
Brave Collective 125
Curatores Veritatis Alliance 90
Feign Disorder 90
Snuffed Out 82
Rote Kapelle 81

With all the participating teams elected, we can also reveal the seeding order. The first 12 teams were seeded based on the position in AT XIII (more details here). The remaining teams were seeded based on a random draw.

  1. Pandemic Legion
  2. Exodus.
  3. The Tuskers Co.
  4. Hard Knocks Citizens
  5. Shadow Cartel
  6. THE R0NIN
  7. Triumvirate.
  8. Tactical Narcotics Team
  9. Test Alliance Please Ignore
  10. The Afterlife.
  11. End of Life
  12. Phoebe Freeport Republic
  13. Affirmative.
  14. CAStabouts
  15. Brotherhood of Spacers
  16. The Explicit Alliance
  17. Fraternity.
  18. Curatores Veritatis Alliance
  19. Paisti Syndicate
  20. Feign Disorder
  21. Quebec United Legions
  23. Circle-Of-Two
  24. Northern Coalition.
  25. Rabble Alliance
  26. Spaceship Samurai
  28. Villore Accords
  29. The Methodical Alliance
  30. Dream Fleet
  32. Complaints Department
  33. Cede Nullis
  34. Polarbears.
  35. Rote Kapelle
  36. Out of Sight.
  39. Brave Collective
  41. White Legion.
  42. COF Alliance
  43. Templis CALSF
  44. Snuffed Out
  45. Requiem Eternal
  46. Brothers in Arms Alliance
  47. LowSechnaya Sholupen
  48. Spectre Fleet Alliance
  49. Badfellas Inc.
  50. The-Culture
  51. Mercenary Coalition
  53. 404 Alliance Not Found
  54. Agony Empire
  55. Psychotic Tendencies
  56. Scary Wormhole People
  57. League of Unaligned Master Pilots
  58. The Bloc
  59. Red vs Blue
  60. A Band Apart.
  61. Official Winners Of Takeshi's Castle
  62. WAFFLES.
  63. Ministry of Inappropriate Footwork
  64. Iron Armada

Good luck to all competing teams in the tournament. Make sure to keep watching the EVE Alliance Tournament Discussion forum for more updates. If you're looking for more information on AT XIV, you can see these dev blogs:

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