More Information Now Available On EVE Updates!

With the arrival of a new video blog update from CCP Seagull that charts the next couple of months of activity around EVE Online, we've made a few additions to EVE Updates to reflect what's coming to New Eden over the course of the next release, plus what's coming in the November expansion.

Head on over to EVE Updates where you can watch the latest video blog from CCP Seagull, and check out what's coming in the 118.9 release on October 11th, and a little more about what's coming in the Expansion in November!

The CSM 11 Summit 1 Meeting Minutes are out

CSM 11 recently finished its first summit in Reykjavik, discussing all aspects of developing and running EVE with a wide representation of EVE's developers, producers and executives.

The democratically elected Council of Stellar Management has long been an important advisory group to CCP and at least half the council has typically been flown to CCP HQ twice a year to allow for seamless communication and exchange of opinion.

This year big changes are coming to EVE with Clone States fast approaching. CCP invited the whole CSM to attend the summit in person. Everyone accepted and we had four days of solid meetings and feature demos with all 14 councillors. 

The Meeting Minutes

The meeting minutes are a collaboration between CCP and the CSM. A CCP staff member jots down meeting mintues on our internal wiki during each meeting and they are then edited through an open editing process on the same wiki. Every CCP staff member attending a meeting, and the CSM, must review and approve the version of the minutes that goes out. Typically not a lot is changed. Sentences get tuned to better convey meaning and of course a few tiny bits are redacted to preserve surprise and wonder at a later date.

This summit's minutes can be found here. We look forward to reading, and taking part in, your discussions of them. If you wish to discuss them on the forums, please visit this thread.

Alliance Tournament SKIN Offer – The Bomber Bundle!

We are happy to announce that in advance of the first weekend of Alliance Tournament XIV, we have four bomber SKINs on sale as a bundle with 25% discount in the New Eden Store!

The SKINs included in this bundle are:

  • Purifier EoM SKIN (Permanent)
  • Manticore Wiyrkomi SKIN (Permanent)
  • Nemesis Intaki Syndicate SKIN (Permanent)
  • Hound Justice SKIN (Permanent)

Keep your eyes on the New Eden Store as the Alliance Tournament develops, because there'll be more offers based on the most popular ships seen in the tournament arena over the course of the coming weeks!

You can read more about the Alliance Tournament in the news item and Dev Blogs linked above, and tune in for the first weekend which will be streamed live by EVE_NT!

Unscheduled Downtime for Account Management Website

We are currently experiencing issues with account management services, and at present the account management website is offline.

PLEX, AURUM and subscription sales, as well as account management functions such as code redeeming are currently offline while we attempt to resolve this issue.

We hope to have the account management website back online as soon as possible, and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause!

Join the next EVE Online mass test on September 29 at 17:00 UTC

Join our mass test this Thursday, September 29th, and explore the latest EVE Online features under development! 

We invite you to our next mass test on the server Singularity this Thursday, September 29th, at 17:00 EVE time (=UTC). During this mass test we will test the new fleet boost feature, as well as, improvements to our graphic post processing system. Additionally, we are looking into the general client and server performance.

All participants will receive a reward of two million skillpoints (available only on the test server Singularity). Please be aware that numbers, art assets, and other game properties on the test servers are not final and can change before they are released.

Further information about this mass test can be found here.
Information on connecting to the test server Singularity can be found here.

Announcing the Autumn Alter Ego Extravaganza!

The Autumn Alter Ego Extravaganza will be upon us starting Saturday, October 1! Get your hands on a variety of alter egos, including some that appeared in this past spring’s extravaganza.

- Makki-Chebukki
- King of Hearts
- Morimar
- Sakura
- Ovjang
- Mnejing
- Cid
- Rahal
- Koru-Moru
- Qultada
- Adelheid
- Amchuchu

Campaign Period: Saturday, October 1 from 1:00 a.m. (PDT) to Monday, October 31 at 7:59 a.m.

Read on for a list of alter egos available in the Autumn Alter Ego Extravaganza and how to obtain them.

Alliance Tournament XIV Is Almost Upon Us

Alliance Tournament XIV begins on October 1st, with our coverage of all the action starting on October 8th on If you’re looking to tune in and watch all the action, here what you need to know.

It’s Dying Time

The starting time for matches on each day of Alliance Tournament XIV are as follows:

October 1st, 2nd: 12:00 UTC

October 8th, 9th, 15th, 16th: 15:00 UTC

Detailed match schedules can be found here on the community website:

You can also find the tournament brackets on the community website:

If you’re looking to watch the first weekend of action, you should check out these twitch channels from ISD and from EVE_NT



ISD Multitwitch:


Triple Word Score

We’re also pleased to announce that we are increasing the PLEX prizes for teams that reach the top 32 and top 16 of the tournament. The prize for reaching the final 32 has been increased from 5 to 15 PLEX, while the prize for reaching the final 16 has been increased from 10 to 30 PLEX.

Relive the Rumble

This year we are also running a video contest alongside the Alliance Tournament. If you’re good at slicing frames, you can put your skills to work to win some PLEX. We’ll be offering prizes for the best educational video, the most entertaining commentary, the best highlights video and possibly more. The contest will open up after the Alliance Tournament has concluded, so make sure you keep listening for how to enter, and start collecting your video clips. Footage from participants in the match will be especially useful here, so make sure if you're flying in the tournament that you're capturing all the action.


If you’re looking for more information on Alliance Tournament XIV, you should check out these previous dev blogs:

Dev Blog: AT XIV is Coming

Dev Blog: ATX IV Rules and Signups

Dev Blog: AT XIV Draw Results and Prizes

50% Discount! Valimor Legacy SKINs On Sale In the New Eden Store!

We are happy to announce that all Valimor Legacy SKINs for Gallente hulls are now on sale at 50% discount in the New Eden Store.

This sale will run through until September 26th, when these skins will be removed from the New Eden Store for the forseeable future.

Fear not! These SKINs will return, however at this stage they are not on the schedule to be reintroduced to the store for some time.