Fanfest 2018 Ticket Holders Holiday Prize Draw!

Tickets for Fanfest 2018 are selling fast, and there’s only around 20 early bird tickets left in the run up to the holiday season!

Be sure to get them as soon as you can by heading over to the Fanfest website, to avoid missing out on what is without a doubt going to be the most kick ass Fanfest yet!

Come join us in Reykjavik, Iceland, to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of EVE Online during a weekend of all things internet spaceships.

There’ll be all kinds of events in celebration of EVE’s onward march toward the third decade, including the first ever internet spaceships parade, as well as the infamous EVE Fanfest Pubcrawl and the Charity Evening, as well as presentations and roundtables on EVE Online content, development and future features.

Don’t despair though, if you miss out on early bird tickets, the full price tickets are still 10% cheaper than last year!


The Ticket Holders’ Holiday Draw

For a chance to be included in a draw to win the following prizes, be sure to pick up your Fanfest 2018 ticket before 23:59:59 on 2017/12/10.

On December 11th, we’ll draw 10 winners from the list of ticket holders, who’ll win:

  • A full refund on their Fanfest 2018 event pass, allowing them to access Fanfest 2018 for free!
  • A Plantronics RIG 600 headset
  • 60 days of Omega Time

Be sure to pick up your tickets before the time stated above to be included in this prize draw.

Fanfest 2018 is going to be an epic fifteenth anniversary celebration, and this year’s Party On Top Of The World is set to be bigger and better than ever, with a set from Basshunter at Harpa, the Fanfest 2018 venue, as well as a headline performance by Permaband!

Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of internet spaceships history as we celebrate the fifteenth anniversary.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all there!

Returnee Support Campaign Part Two

We're pleased to announce part two of our Returnee Support Campaign, aimed to bring returning adventurers up to speed with the latest happenings in Vana'diel! This second installment features three different courses to help you test the skills that you've brushed up on since coming back. Take all you've learned and get ready to enter the fray!

Campaign Part Two Period: Monday, December 11, at 12:00 a.m. (PST) to Sunday, December 31, at 6:59 a.m.

Read on for details.

Gallente “Kopis Edge” SKINs Now Available

We’re happy to announce that the “Kopis Edge” SKIN line for Gallente hulls is now available in the New Eden Store!

This SKIN is available for all Gallente hulls at the following PLEX prices:

  • 55 PLEX – Battlecruiser & Smaller Hulls
  • 110 PLEX – Battleship Hulls
  • 250 PLEX Capital Hulls


Purchasing SKINs is easy:

  • Log into EVE Online
  • Have sufficient PLEX
  • Go to the New Eden Store (press ALT+4 or use the Neocom to access the store)
  • Purchase the SKIN(s)
  • The SKINs are then available in your redeeming system

EVE Updates – Introducing The Arms Race Release

We’re happy to announce that the December Release will be deployed during downtime on December 5th, and that more details of all the features that are coming with the release are now available on EVE Updates.

The Arms Race Release brings the highly anticipated expansion of the Alpha Skillset, allowing access to both Battlecruisers and Battleships without the need for a subscription, as well as the ability for alpha pilots to train cross-faction for the first time.

With a new training cap for Alpha Pilots of around 20 million skillpoints, this release also introduces the Daily Alpha Injector, a new method of training for Alpha Pilots that allows them to train beyond the 5 million skillpoint free training cap.

In addition to this, the Arms Race release also brings a whole host of quality of life improvements, including New Warp Disruption Bubble VFX, Pirate Forward Operating Base discoverability improvements, the introduction of the support role to Resource Wars, adjustments to Jump Fuel Usage and Jump Fatigue, and many visual overhauls to graphical assets across New Eden.

There’s also a few other things on the list of fixes and features, so head on over to EVE Updates for all the latest information in brief, with links to details in devblogs and forum posts.

Downtime information for the deployment of the Arms Race Release will be available on Friday, and patch notes will be added to EVE Updates and the Community Portal on release day – December 5th.

2017 Black Friday Sale!

We're happy to announce that we have a few bundled offers available this Black Friday!

Check out the details below, and head on over to the EVE Online Secure Website to take advantage of these deals, which will be available from downtime to downtime, November 23rd - 28th.

King's Ransom Bundle – €39.99 / $39.99 / £33.99 / 2,399₽

  • 1x Rattlesnake King's Ransom Darouen SKIN (Permanent)
  • 1100 PLEX

Omega Rush Bundle – €99.99 / $99.99 / £84.99 / 5,999₽

  • 3 months of Omega
  • 2x 90 days of Multiple Character Training
  • 5x Skill Extractors
  • 1x Body Resculpt Certificate
  • 1x Apocalypse Star Captain SKIN (Permanent)
  • 1x Men's 'Marshal' Jacket (Angel Cartel)
  • 1x Woman's 'Gunner' Jacket (Angel Cartel)
  • 1x Men's 'Sable' Cap (Black)
  • 1x Woman's 'Sable' Cap (Black)

In addition to these offers on the EVE Online Secure Website, we also have a couple of offers available in the New Eden Store that will also be available from downtime to downtime, November 23rd - 28th.

Log into the EVE Online client to take advantage of these two Black Friday deals!

New Eden Store Omega Bundle – 500 PLEX

  • 1x Rattlesnake King's Ransom Luecin SKIN (Permanent)
  • 1 Month Omega Upgrade

20% Off Multiple Character Training!

All these offers are available from downtime to downtime, November 23rd - 28th.

Be sure to check out the EVE Online Secure Website, and the New Eden Store if you'd like to pick them up!

2017/11/23 – Next EVE Online Mass Test – New Warp Disruption Bubble VFX Testing

Join our next EVE Online mass test on Thursday, November 23rd to help performance test the new visual effects for Warp Disruption bubbles that are coming in December!

We're mostly interested in the changes to the warp disruption bubble graphics, but we will also check general client and server performance.

If you’re interested in attending, please join us on Singularity on Thursday, November 23rd at 17:00 UTC. 

Participants will receive a reward of two million skillpoints (available only on the test server Singularity).

Please note that numbers, art assets, and other game properties on the test servers are not final and may change before they are released.