Welcome Back to the Wonderful World of Vana’diel

With FINAL FANTASY XI's eleventh anniversary celebrations well underway, we're proud to announce another appreciative measure: two types of the Return Home to Vana'diel Campaign!

While you may have been away for many moons, Vana'diel has developed nicely over the past years, with the recent additions of enticing new content and improvements to familiar content making the realm easier than ever before to explore! Why not make now the time to check up on old friends and see some new sights?

Peruse the particulars on what Vana'diel has to offer returning adventurers.

Appreciation Abounds during the Eleventh Vana’versary

Thanks to the valiance of adventurers like you everywhere, it has been a whole eponymous eleven years since people began trekking across Vana'diel's various landscapes.

As an expression of our thanks for keeping this realm a safe and enjoyable place to inhabit for so long, we're announcing the Eleventh Vana'versary Active Adventurer Appreciation Campaign!

Read on for how we plan to make our gratitude manifest.

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