From Melvien’s Journal: Remnants of the Unknown

Ah, my dear pioneer, you come to me in troubling times. The order is in utter disarray, for reasons I am certain require no exposition on my part. This leaves us with the pressing question of how we can possibly proceed with our head severed from our body.

You wish to know if aught was amiss with master Malecroix?

Truth be told, of late his trips to Celennia Memorial Library had grown longer and more frequent...and he came to abscond to the jungle without alerting either me or any other of his staff.

I told myself that my worries were unfounded. After all, was he not the staunchest supporter of colonization among us all?

But to say I had no concerns would be a bald-faced lie. His sudden disappearances caused me no end of consternation—after all, I have served the order faithfully since his predecessor's predecessor, and it is highly irregular that I not be apprised of his whereabouts.

So...yes. Yes, something clearly was amiss.

Several times I caught him staring at his face in the mirror, gazing and gazing for hours on end. He had such an intensity about him, it was as if he was seeing himself for the first time.

But you must be tired of the ramblings of a simple servant. Forgive me for taking so much of your attention, and pray visit at any time should you require...
Ah! I just remembered something.

(Melvien's aide shuffles toward an ornate cabinet and removes a bound leather book from the uppermost shelf.)

Perhaps this could provide you with insight that I cannot.

When I entered Lord Melvien's chambers to put his affairs in order, I chanced upon this volume open on his desk. The ink was clear and crisp, and, though I am loathe to pry, it appears to be a collection of his insights into the colonization movement. I would draw your attention to the final entry.

What was it that he witnessed?

Announcing the Campaign Festa and Alter Ego Expo!

Two brand new events, the Campaign Festa and Alter Ego Expo, are scheduled to hit Vana'diel on July 8!

In the former, experience gains while participating in Campaign will be doubled, and special rewards can be gleaned from participating in Campaign Ops such as Fiat Lux. The latter features large increases to alter egos' maximum HP and MP, making your erstwhile companions even more hale and hearty.

Read on for details.